The Art Works of  Ad Swan - A Show Case of  Permanent and Rotating Exhibits of Artist Andre' Swancy
Andre' Swancy, The Artist was also a gifted teacher with certification and dedicated his life to educating others and sharing his knowledge. He carried in his notebook something he read and was what he believed. It read "If you are in the position of teaching, others, then you should teach without reservations. What need is there to hold back? You could tell the secret of life ten times over, and it would still be safe. After all, the secret is only known when people make it real in their own lives, not when they simple hear it.
In the past, masters were selfish. They had only learned with extreme difficulty, and so they in turn made it difficult on others. In addition, they were afraid of being surpassed, by their students, and so they always held back some key. How foolish this attitude was! How can a student ever challenge a master, unless that master allows his or her abilities to decline? You should teach dispassionately and without holding back.
When you cultivate internal power, it begins to accumulate within you. But there is one odd thing. You cannot hold it in forever. If you try to do that, the spiritual energy will destroy you. But if you use it prudently--- to heal others, to teach others, to comfort others--- then the energy will surge back stronger and stronger, like a well that always replenishes itself. The more you give, the more you gain in return. The more selfless you are, the more self benefits."
(author unknown)
Swancy wrote in his notes; "Master Teachers teach ESSENCE when students perceive the Essence then he teaches what is needed to expand the perception "Every lesson is the first lesson" because he does it with the enthusiasm of doing it for the first time. It is always new, personal and alive.
You must have a gift to take things we call common place and re-present them in such away that people self-imposed limitations are expanded"...
The art works of ad swan website will share with you direct from Swancy's art works, notes, documentations, letters, teaching techniques, how to manuals, instructions, directions, approaches, his books and experiences in an attempt to follow his dedication and dreams. He preferred to use his skills and diligently experiment and practice not trying to stand out in a crowd. This site will be designed to stand his legacy out in a crowd in order to further educate young artist.


"Cupful of consideration, Cupful of courtesy, Cupful of constructive criticism, (carefully measured), Cupful of human kindness, Gallon of faith in the Creator, instructors/staff & in each other, Heaping cups of assistance, handful of praise and patience, Reasonable/more reliable budget (for necessary equipment & repairs), A generous amount of cooperation, teaspoons of pure, genuine empathy, teaspoon of "I am sorry" or "may I Help You", cupfuls of contentment, Cupful each of confidence, self-esteem & encouragement, Extra large classroom filled with fun, cupful of blindness to allow for our differences and to each other's faults." After all none of us can walk on, can we??? (Author unknown)

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