The Art Works of  Ad Swan - A Show Case of  Permanent and Rotating Exhibits of Artist Andre' Swancy
NOT - SO - POTS  BY AD SWAN (ceramic)
Pinch : Pots
The pinch method was the first method to use only the potter's hands to shape the clay. By inserting the thumb of one hand into a ball of clay and lightly pinching with thumb and fingers while slowing rotating the ball in the palm of the other hand. Instead of forcing this method to make some pre-established form, work with the clay, not against it, simple elegant  shapes can be created.
Another method for making pinch pots, used by some American Indians, is to pat the clay against the elbow to form a larger, wide-mouthed pots. The use of pinch forming techniques can be extended far beyond simple forms. Click on Images for a larger view.

A series of seven ceramic pots created by artist Andre' Swancy, that will not be reproduced. They are experimental ceramic pots where the artist accomplished the effect he was seeking.


Swancy designed and made these pots for his wife as a gift.

Emerging from a mind incessantly  erupting with new machines for art. These Pots belong in a museum they are ugly yet not so ugly at the same time. Yet there they are experimental, Bizarre,and beautiful. Designed by Andre' Swancy.

Ceramic Plate Hand Carved Symbols
Gift to spouse for her birthday! Private Swancy collection.


 Master Crafted from the Soul!        
Swancy used same 
method he used in making 
bronze bells  " I did it, they
    have a bronze finish" . . . .  
When Andre' Swancy 
exhibit his mono-type
with his Pots they
become invisible as
you get hooked on
his pots. 

These ceramic pieces
 are reminders of the
 ideals of the heroic
period of American
ceramics, roughly
1960 to 1975,
when the ethical ideal
was never take yourself
seriously and the
 care and concern
was given to the
work and not the
person making it.

Swancy has succeeded
 in making pots that are
 ugly and not so ugly
 at the same time;
an impossible task,
 yet there they are
an ironic kind of
artsy - crafty - beautiful
 or bizarre - hilariously 

Pot exhibit at Art Show in Georgia.


ARTIST STATEMENT: "Since the act of creation is at the same time a process of self discovery is not the ultimate goal of life then to discover the divine essence which is part of all that exists " ???
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