The Art Works of  Ad Swan - A Show Case of  Permanent and Rotating Exhibits of Artist Andre' Swancy
The year was 1961 and Andre' Dumont Swancy arrived in Omaha, Nebraska rented one of his aunts apartments. The aunt he grew up with and gave him art supplies at an early age.
Swancy got a newspaper he checked out jobs. He circle the one he was interested in getting, a Silk screener.  He stated that job was his and he was going to take it. Swancy's aunt tried to prepare him for the job going to someone other that him. Swancy maintained that when he came back from the interview he would have the job as a silk screener for the company Guz Renze.
Now the irony was Swancy had no silkscreen experience and had never used the equipment. With his computer brain he studied all the information and instructions he could get over the weekend. In his case that was all he needed to do. His wife was not aware of his gift to totally recall what he read so she was anxious about the possible of his rejection.
Swancy went to the interview and saw the surprised looks of everyone that he was a minority. He was asked; if he knew how to run the machine and he answered; yes, and explain the process as he had studied. Gus, the owner told Swancy the job had been filled and they had no other job.
Swancy told Gus he did not believe he had filled the position, however, that was ok, but his company did have a job. The  workers dropped the materials all over the floor and it needed to be disposed of as they worked. Swancy grab the push broom started sweeping up the materials and told Gus he would work for free until he had another opening for a silk screener. Gus said; oh-no-no and rushed Swancy into his office. Swancy thought he was going to be arrested.
He told Swancy, you are either the biggest fool I ever saw or you really want the job and to work. Anybody willing to work for free, and pull that kind of stunt , he was going to hire him as silk screener on one condition, he went to the department and demonstrated to the man in charge what he can do and he said; he could learn the process.
Swancy got lucky, it was the silk screen press he had studied and he proceeded to pull a print. It was almost perfect. Gus asked; if the manager felt he could do the work. He said; Swancy would make a heck of a silk screener, hire him, but one thing he knew for sure he had never pulled a print because he lacked the right pressure. When he learns the right pressure, that he will be a good one. They laughed. Swancy started the next day.
Swancy went home an announced he had the job. Shocked the whole household. However, Swancy became a master at silk screening and won many awards for Gus Renze Silk screening Company. Because of Swancy's background he worked in both display department and printing department.
When Swancy resigned he received a letter of recommendation from the President of the Gus Renze Company, John Buchanan. They became good friends.
Gus Renze started in 1895 when Gus Renze purchased Floats In 1936 the company was purchased by Maynard Buchanan, in the 1960's Guz Renze was one of the first to introduce automatic screen printing. Swancy certainly benefited from his experience with the Knowledge he gained.
Buchanan told "Swancy he had a job for life, but they could not guarantee pay raises do to the economy."
Swancy wanted to make more money so he applied for a federal government position in Washington, DC. The background check took a few months  Swancy got a letter stating he had the position as an Exhibits Specialist. for the Smithsonian Institute Museum. While waiting to past the background clearance, Swancy, became a master at silk screening which he later used in some of his mixed media prints seen today. He always stated; "That  Guz Renze was the best company he had ever worked during his career.' Today. the company has employees that have been there long term. That speaks volumes.
2013 is the year, Gus Renze website reads "and for over 117 years Renze Display has been a leading provider of exhibits and displays, branded environments, events, and large formal graphics and point of purchase solutions".
"Time have changed but their innovations have not in Omaha, Nebraska".
Be sure to study Swancy's artworks for style and techniques that have silk screening as one of the mixed media. Incredible, what Swancy learned at Gus Renze which became  instrumental in taking his artworks in the direction he wanted them to go.
Swancy produced a lot of paintings while in Nebraska and they were commissioned by a well known Gallery. They sold every painting he produced as fast as he gave them to the Gallery. He was amazed and never new who the buyer/buyers were.
SWANCY GOES TO WASHINGTON, DC. View page titled Exhibit Specialist Smithsonian for Washington, DC. info.
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