The Art Works of  Ad Swan - A Show Case of  Permanent and Rotating Exhibits of Artist Andre' Swancy
Andre' Dumont Swancy - Art Work - Kansas - Missouri
Andre' Swancy attended KC MO. Art Institute and taught some art classes.

He was amused to be in the vary institution that kicked out Walt

Disney for drawing Mickey Mouse. He laughed at the Big ears and a rodent no doubt. Became the world favorite cartoon.

The Crystal Cathedral designed by Famous  Architect Bruce Goff.
Swancy was an apprentice to Bruce and at that time Bruce wanted to donate the Crystal Cathedral to Martin Luther King's family for a King Center. Swancy was the point man to offer the building. Offer was rejected by their administration. Swancy made sure he was never turned down for anything and anyone, he learned to talk everyone into anything. He could not understand why anyone would turn down such a beautiful gift. He was given a copy of the projects personal files and it remains in his collection.The building is in Oklahoma, hometown of Bruce Golf. Swancy studied with Bruce Goff, two and a half years. 
With this training, Swancy used it to help design community projects. He started with three Architect buddies,Harris, Owens and Steven's. They had to convince the Mayor and City Commissioners to approve the project for beautification in the inter cities. After their presentations, they received approval to start the renovations.
Project: Renovation of Jersey Creek
Goal: Rid of foul odor - rats and developed a community parks. Mainly, beautify. Project was successfully complete.
Jersey Creek flows through Wyandotte County/Kansas City, MO.
Size 3, 582 Acres into the Missouri River.
3 Watersheds.
Jersey Creek originates near 36th St. and Everett Kansas City, KS It has associated watershed of approximately 3,500 Acres and flows west until near 22nd street before bending at parallel bending north to southeast to 7th street, two tunnels take it underneath 9th street and again from 3rd street to the Missouri River. The renovation was over 40 years ago. 
Today, 2013, one sees Jersey Creek Wyandotte County park with a basketball court, bicycle trails, bridges, seating spaces, walkways and playground equipment. Swancy was very instrumental in this beautiful site. The Park is a tribute to his legacy and that of his friends and Architects, Oliver Harris, Uriel Owens, Myles Clay Stevens all from Kansas City.KS/MO.
These four young men, went back to the Wyandotte County mayor's office and proposed to renovate the Kansas City main downtown area, Minnesota Ave. They proposed marble streets, plants, benches for seating, boutiques, eating establishments, trolley cars, No cars driving in the heart of the main street. Again the proposal was accepted. Renovation began, this time there was opposition to stop the project because some community residents objected to no cars allow on the strip, they stated they did not want to park and  walk. They had concerns to have water fountains.The plans remained as Swancy and the other's had submitted them and construction began. The ones opposed to the changes, spread the word; "those boys are crazy trying to make our town look like Paris." Swancy commented; "they have tunnel vision." The finished project was incredible beautiful.
Downtown Kansas City, Kansas. how it looks today.
Same basic design a Transit system has been added.
7th & Minnesota Avenue.
Swancy, Harris, Owens, and Stevens, continued to design and work together on several other projects in the community as well as taking individual projects.
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Swancy's Individual Renovation Project
Andre' Swancy was the Curator of the Kansas Agricultural Hall of Fame Bonner Springs, Kansas.
He helped with  renovation and restoration. There was a plaque hanging on the wall with Swancy' name in his honor. 
This picture shows how the AG Hall of Fame is displayed today after many people over time contributed to making it the success it has at this moment in time.
Swancy's father- in - law, told him the Kansas City Power and Light Company had an opening in the Art department  and he would have to demonstrate drawing to show them what he can do. Andre' Dumont Swancy accepted a position in the Drafting Department as a Draftsman for the Kansas City Power and Light company, Kansas City Missouri.
He worked a few months at a sub-station and was promoted to the main building in the heart of downtown, he was a overjoyed with the many design projects. He learned about Reddi Kilowatt,
Who was Reddi Kilowatt?
Reddi Kilowatt is a corporate mascot a spokes thing created in 1926 by Ashton B. Colling Sr. of Alabama Power company.
Reddi has a light bulb for a nose, wall outlets for the ears and a torco and limes made of lightning bolts.
This character was licensed to power companies across the United States to 
represent electricity was safe.
Andre' brought a light bulb to share with his children. He helped design bulbs, light polls, sub-stations and consulted on office displays and homes. He also, worked as a Residential Consultant/Analyst.
Swancy enrolled in the Academy of Lightning of Arts and graduated as a Certified Residential Lighting Consultant May 10, 1966.
He was instrumental in helping other minorities hired within the company.  Mrs. Swancy, would ask; Swancy, if he knew them, he answered no; I do not need to, if a man applies for work, he should be given a chance and if my saying; yeah, I know him helps, then proving himself is on him. Every time a black man ask for a recommendation he got one from me, someone gave me a chance. That was Andre'. They all worked there for years. So did Swancy. He brought a large ranch style home with 4 acres for his family in KCK.  
KCK, residents were good to Swancy. They loved him, treated him with respect for the good person he was and admired and respected his artistic talent. He was encouraged and included in the community activities both professional and socially.
While living in Kansas,Swancy lecturer and taught at Kansas State Teachers,University of Kansas, Kansas City Jr College, Donnelly College, Kansas City Art Institute, Several School programs, Art Centers and State funded activities. 
Consultant, Artist, Instructor Faultess Starch, Turner House Youth center KCK which was housed on the property his grandfather had owned, which Swancy sold to the Catholic Diocese for the purpose of the youth center. Swancy taught a few volunteer art classes at the Turner House Youth Center and consulted on the structural design.
Swancy was Director of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Projects, Northeast, KS.
Teacher University of Kansas
Award from International Platform Association - for contributions to Puppetry.
Listed in Bibliographical Dictionary of African American Writers for Contribution to American Literature.
Awarded Excellence in Education, Mayor of Kansas City, KS.
Appointed to Kansas Arts Council by Mayor Richard F Walsh.      
Member of the National Museum Exhibition Association.
Contract Art Designs for EEOC  Development Center.
U.S.A.F. Elect Institute Technology training.
Commissioned to do paintings for private individuals by referral only.
Johnson County Community College, KS Attended and taught classes.
Consultant, Guest Lecturer, University of Missouri.
Apprentice, George Latshaw, Puppeteer
Apprentice, Bruce Goff, Architect KCMO.
Swancy, had several publications in Kansas.
"The Eagle Magazine", Assistant Editor, KCK
"Creative Art Therapy Puppets", Author, KCK
"Reflections, Book of Poems", Author, KCK
"The Effects of an Instructor", feedback (Match to Sample Apparatus) to teach one-digit numerical concepts, Author, KCK.
Teacher and Artist Society of Kansas - Director of Exhibits 1972.
Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center & Museum - Kansas City, Missouri sponsored selected One man Exhibitions of Andre' Swancy's Art Works. Last exhibit, Titled: "Soul Speech" was 2002.
On display Were: Ceramic Pottery made by Andre' Swancy.
Not so Pots
(7 pots total)
Polaroid torchlight intagliosPrints by Andre' Swancy
Contemporary calligraphic monotypes om a Polaroid Film Plate.
Swancy in this exhibition, explores The Rhythmical Calligraphic signs that evolves from the subconscious Mind Intuitively and ever changing Graffiti like Symbols for emotions.
Artist Statement
"To make visible the motion of Chi and the notion of the Quantum Field... in other words:
to dance. Therefore, mock intaglios become an independent art form whose only Raison D'etre is it's own existence the consummation or synopsis of an aesthetic already fully expanded." : )
The Swancy Foundation plans to donor some of Andre' Swancy's artworks as a pernanent collection) to the Bruce Watkins Museum, Kansas City, Missouri). Mrs. Swancy, has made this decision for 2014) after careful consideration.
Kaw Valley Art Gallery - Kansas City, Kansas
Swancy participated in a group Exhibition - 1994, at Kaw Valley Art Gallery
Andre' Swancy loved Jazz. He could listen to Jazz here, have a nice meal and drink wine, along with exhibiting his art.
American Jazz Museum KC. MO.
1616 East 18th Street
Kansas City, Missouri
Jazz - Wine - Dine
American Jazz Museum located in Kansas City, Missouri, features works by members of the Light in the Other Room, a collective of Kansas City based African - American artist.
2003 - A Light in the Other Room: First Light - Work of Black Kansas City Artist featured in a New Exhibition at American Jazz Museum.
Featured artist Include, Larry Allen, Terry Beavers, NedRa Bonds, Bonaye Brown, Carolyn Camero, Jenine Carter, Henry Dixon, Anthony High, Ed Hogan, Ben Mercer, Dean Mitchell, Lonnie Powell, Robert Powell, Joseph Smith, Veronica Sublett, Andre Swancy, and Sherry Whetstone - McCall.
Guest Curator, former Art Department Chair at Central State University in Dayton, Ohio, Annis Wilberforce currently teaching at that time, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.
This exhibit became historic because it was the first time an exhibition in the Changing Gallery has exclusively featured Kansas City artist.
"This the art of the people who have dedicated their lives,  not so much, to their particular genius, but to keeping alive the flame of their heritage of Kansas City, a great city they have always loved and have been apart of;" said Lonnie Powell, president of the Collective.
Negro Leagues Baseball   Museum - Exhibit
Located in the historic district 18th St. & Vine, Kansas City, Missouri, Jazz District, sharing 10,000 square foot complex with the Jazz museum. Swancy exhibited a painting of a Baseball player he created for a special art show along with several artist and their art work.
Truman Library Kansas City, Missouri
Andre' Swancy was affiliated with the Truman Library in some capacity.
Andre' Swancy's collages were exhibited in a group Art event - Unity Temple Gallery Hall.
The Art Gallery hall connects you to a visual universe  of wholeness, healing, and spiritually.
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